what is a mythicist?

Mythicist: [mith-uh-sist] noun. A person who views various supernatural figures of antiquity, including both pagan gods and major modern-day religious characters, as mythical. Or, someone who perceives certain religious characters as mythical and sharing the same stories as the gods, godmen and heroes of other cultures. 

Who is Mythicist Milwaukee?

Mythicist Milwaukee is a group dedicated to studying the mythicist position - researching the parallels between ancient civilizations' beliefs and today's modern religious practices.

We're not a group comprised of scholarly researchers - but we sure do turn to them for their expertise when generating our content! 

Our goal? To take some of the complicated research presented by the best in the business and distill it into easy-to-digest pieces of information that make you say, "Really? I didn't know that. I want to learn more."

We want to inspire you to question. To inspire you to dig deeper. To find the origins of the beliefs shared by many all over the world today.



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