Every segment at this year's conference features a moderated discussion between multiple people with differing points of view. You'll hear from activists, academics, journalists, entertainers, YouTubers, podcasters and more.


Atheist panel mythcon v.png

How has the political climate divided the atheist community?

Featuring: Armoured Skeptic Allie Jackson, Vadim Newquist (aka, Creationist Cat) David Smalley
Moderated by: Stephen Knight

Feminism panel mythcon v.jpg

Have women achieved gender equality in the U.S.?

Featuring: Karen Garst and Karen Straughan
Moderated by: Melissa Chen


AA panel mythcon v.jpg

What impact does social justice activism have on the African American community?

Featuring: Marissa Janea Johnson and Derrick Blackman  
Moderated by: Brittany Simon



Media panel mythcon v.png

Are social commentary outlets displacing the influence of mainstream media?

Featuring: The Quartering, Chris Ray Gun, Claire Lehmann, Stephen Knight
Moderated by: David Smalley

intersectionality panel mythcon v.png

What is the impact of intersectionality?

Featuring: Peter Boghossian, Clay Routledge, James Lindsay, Michael Rowlands, TBA
Moderator: David Smalley

Identity Politics panel mythcon v.png

Where do social justice, the secular community and identity politics meet? 

Featuring: Richard Carrier and Sargon of Akkad
Moderated by: Mario Quadracci

Trans panel Mythcon V (1).jpg

How can we navigate the issues impacting transgender people today?

Featuring: Theryn Meyer, Blaire White, Angel Bonilla
Moderated by: Brittany Simon

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After Party 

Mingle with the day's speakers and special guests at our after-party at Aloft Hotel. Limited number of tickets available.