what is a mythicist?

Mythicist: [mith-uh-sist] noun. A person who views various supernatural figures of antiquity, including both pagan gods and major modern-day religious characters, as mythical. Or, someone who perceives certain religious characters as mythical and sharing the same stories as the gods, godmen and heroes of other cultures. 

Who is Mythicist Milwaukee?

Mythicist Milwaukee is a secular organization focused on promoting dialogue about culture, religion and freedom of thought.

Our origins started with an interest in studying the mythicist position. But today, we're much more than that. We host annual conferences, religious debates and weekly local meetups; produce an iTunes Top 100 podcast in the Religion & Spirituality category; are co-producing a feature-length documentary film; provide live broadcast services for other national secular gatherings; and much more.

We want to inspire you to question. To inspire you to dig deeper. To find the origins of the beliefs shared by many all over the world today. By showcasing commonalities between world religions, Mythicist Milwaukee strives to contribute to a world free from religious oppression and bigotry.



Find out about our organization, mission and how we've started dialogue about culture, religion and freedom of thought.

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