Mythicism and beyond : why EXPAND your story? 

Engaging in conversation with those who share your beliefs can lead to deep bonds and friendships. However, it takes great strength to listen to, try to understand and engage in real conversation with others who do NOT share your views. Like questioning the historicity of figures in religious texts, we need to be able to ask the difficult and sometimes uncomfortable questions. We can apply this ethos beyond religion and into other beliefs to which people subscribe. When we dig deep to explore the origins of one's beliefs, we often find that we have more commonalities than differences. We can humanize beliefs that we were previously quick to reject. If we apply context, we enable ourselves to gain respect, empathy and understanding. We can agree to disagree; and when we disagree we can disagree sanely. The effect of this process allows us better understand our own beliefs, and sometimes we humbly change our minds.

Our Mission

We promote viewpoint diversity to limit the effects of authoritarian ideology.

Our Vision

A more egalitarian, pluralistic society.

our core values

We believe in:

  • Pushing boundaries. We believe that being a bit uncomfortable and out of place can inspire growth. 
  • Endless growth & learning. A lifetime is not long enough to grasp all the world has to offer. We believe in constantly striving to push, challenge and better oneself.    
  • Communication & connection. It is through human interactions that we experience understanding, empathy and compassion. We learn and grow from one another. 
  • Individualism. Whatever opinions you hold are your own. We shouldn't compromise the facts simply for the sake of consensus or fitting in. 
  • Equality. All people should have equal rights - especially in status, rights, and opportunities.
  • Critical thinking. We believe in looking at all the facts before making a decision or fully forming an opinion.  
  • Awareness. We should strive for perspective, knowledge and understanding. With these things, we have a better chance to discern truth from falsehood, and realize that most questions do not have binary answers.  


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Mythicism allows us to step outside the theist-versus-atheist box and to value the vast human creation of religion and mythology, without being either antagonistic toward it or believing it as dogma.
— Acharya S (aka DM Murdock)